Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Lois Frankel on Taking the Lead at Work

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See Jane LeadWomen lead households, fundraising committees and the PTA. We plan weddings, surprise parties and family vacations. We can even lead our "school-phobic" children to the classroom with the precision, inspiration and conviction of a world class leader.  In her latest bookSee Jane Lead, The New York Times best  selling author teaches women how to utilize their innate ability to influence people to achieve their full potential in the workplace.

Author of  Nice Girls Don't Get RichNice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office and Stop Sabotaging Your Career, Dr. Frankel gets to the core of what holds women back from reaching their potential. Filled with advice, tools and strategies from positive female role models and successful business leaders, Frankel offers a blueprint consisting of 99 strategies to help women unleash their natural leadership skills.

Frankel explores the dated male model of "command-control" style of leadership, and contrasts it with the transformative and collaborative approach that comes naturally to women. Frankel explores how womens' relationship building skills, ability to motivate, and their EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) equips them to be ideal leaders in today's world.

Frankel shows women how to let go of the "self-sabotaging" behaviors that get in their way and use the resources, skills and traits they already possess in order to succeed. Read See Jane Lead and ignite your inner leader. Whether you to take your "inner leader" to the soccer field, the bedroom or the boardroom,  Frankel will ensure that you use and improve the talents you didn't know had.



99 Ways for Women to Take Charge at Work

By Lois P. Frankel, PhD


By Deborah Mecklinger, LL.B., M.S.W, A.T.C

Professional Coach

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