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The Blackberry: The Great Cheating "Enabler" Of Our Age?


Unlocking Your "Berry" is the New Trust Exercise

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Help with Cheating Wife - 

I know my wife is cheating. She keeps her Blackberry locked and I want to see what’s going on her device. Is there any way to get into the thing?


Our Expert's Take:

Does your spouse’s relationship with his or her Blackberry lead you to believe they are having an affair? Do you lay awake wondering why your partner’s Blackberry is locked and password protected from you? Perhaps you have asked and even begged your partner to let you in to their little Blackberry book and they have adamantly refused. If this is the case and the feelings you are left with leave you suspecting someone else is taking up space, you are not alone.

The advent of technology has changed the nature of an affair. The cheating spouse may still have to figure out how to steal time away from their marriage, but they can now stay in touch even when they are in the house. Spouses no longer have to slither out of the room pretending their client is on the phone. Instead, they can simply reach for their Blackberry and send an SMS, Text, Email or PIN to their lover. It is just that easy. You can be in bed with your spouse and they may never know you are a louse while you text between the sheets. Technology has made it possible to have threesome without the consent of two of the parties. How is that for efficiency?


If you are interested in tools and tips that will help you get clearer about the odor you sniff, stay tuned for the follow-up article entitled:   

Blackberry Storm Blows Down Cheating Spouse: “What To Do If You Want To Know The Truth”

By Deborah Mecklinger, LL.B.,M.S.W, A.T.C

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