Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Motherhood Career Track is Full of Surprise


The Motherhood Career Track is Full of Surprise Perks


Managing Mother's Day Expectations


How many mothers do you know who make Mother’s Day brunch? How many mothers spend their day running to the soccer field, lugging the laundry and shopping for last minute groceries for their Mother’s Day event? Perhaps you know the woman who even buys herself roses for the  Mother’s Day centerpiece as she races home to cook and set the table.

Fast forward to the morning after Mother’s Day. If you were a fly on the wall at the Mother’s Day post-mortem you would know that for many, the day is like any other day. 

Consider the following tips to help make Mother’s Day special:

1. Plan ahead: Mother’s Day is on the calendar. It should come as no surprise.
2. Get a head start: Start the festivities at midnight and let her enjoy longer.
3. Clean up! Breakfast in bed looses its charm if it stays in the bed. Don’t leave mom with the mess. 
4. Get out of your Mother’s Day Flower Box. If you are known for bringing her red roses, try hydrangeas instead.
5. Be a team leader. Take children shopping, help them create, craft and share their love. 
6. Rally the troops: If your wife or mother feels compelled to make brunch or dinner for her mother or daughter - take over. Get creative. Dine out or order in.

7.Change the routine. Fire Mom from her daily responsibilities.
8. Use your voice. Ask your special woman what would make her day. Listen and follow through.
9. Go Buffet Style. Give her a smorgasbord of love, attention, pampering and free pass that lets her escape.
10. Fuel the hand that feeds you. Use Mother’s Day to replenish and nourish the woman you want to honor.

If you are having Mother’s Day dread or simply wondering how you can improve on breakfast in bed, start talking and plan ahead. Create a Mother’s Day vision that incorporates insight, knowledge and clarity to ensure the day is a success. 

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