Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is Your Partner a Career Supporter or Saboteur?


Is Your Partner a Career Supporter or Saboteur?

His Actions Speak Louder than Words

Does your partner tell you he supports your career but behaves like your work is in his way? Does your significant other say he’s your number one cheerleader but fails to applaud when you need to postpone a date to work late? Does bringing work home leave your partner feeling dethroned? If you are wondering whether your man is truly your career fan consider the following:

1. Flexibility Factor: Does you partner graciously accommodate your work commitments or is the juggle always a struggle?

2. Meals On Wheels: Are you flying in your heels to serve your partner a meal or does he kindly tell you he ate and that your dinner is waiting on a plate?

3. Phone Respect: Do your business calls garner the space and grace of your partner when they happen in the home?

4. Trading Places: Is your relationship rigid or malleable? Is your partner able to take over at home when he is left alone?

5. The Elegant Accessory: Is your man a gracious guest at your work functions where you need to be at your best?

6. Air Time: Are both of your careers the subject of conversation or does your channel get changed when you walk in the door?

7. Economies of Male: Does your career take second place because he makes more money than you do?

8. Bite The Hand That Breeds For You: Does your partner diminish the importance of your career because you have either taken time off to have children or to raise them?

9. “Ya But” Syndrome: Does your partner profess to support you but when it comes time to accommodate your work you are subject to: “Ya But and a myriad of reasons why the request cannot be met.

10. CEO Status: Is your partner the Chief Executive Officer of the relationship’s career trajectory or is there room for 2 Managing Directors?

If you hope to move forward and get to the top of your game, without your partner’s support it won’t be the same. Take an honest look at what you need to maximize success and don’t settle for a relationship that leaves you with a career that’s second best.

By Deborah Mecklinger


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